Monday, July 13, 2009

I say it is cheating and *I* am an idiot


I will start with the "*I* am an idiot part. Saturday nights dinner was awesome, but I drank a Manhattan while cooking and then forgot to take pictures. So, I will give you a representation of what went on. This is a picture of angostura that went into that "ohsoperfect" Manhattan, but I didn't get a picture of the Manhattan itself so just think "frosty" amber and a cherry.


Texas shaped Jalapeno popper holder. Yup, I forgot a picture of these too. I was still sipping the Manhattan. They were good. I stuffed them with cream cheese and sharp cheddar and then put them on the grill to cook. Just take my word for it you would have liked them.


Manhattan was gone so I moved on to some cheap Trader Joes Viognier. Don't be a hater I like it enough when I am "cooking".


Then there was the lamb. Yeah, no picture other than partially frozen leftovers. I saturated the color on here to sorta jump on that food bloggers bandwagon. This is where the "I think it is cheating" part comes in. I say that changing the color of your food pictures is a big ole cop out. I say that it is actually dishonest. So, I am going to show you what our "almost in the frozen state because Janis had too much to drink to remember to take pictures" food looks like. Ready?


Kinda disgusting and bland. So, all I am sayin is that I think if you are going to have a blog and cook and want to show the world what it is you made, please stop over saturating the photo. I wanna see what the food really looks like. Otherwise why don't you just give us a sketch or a mock up of what we are going to be eating.

Oh, by the way, the lamb was marinated in red wine, garlic and oregano. Before putting on the spit and grilling garlic mashed into mustard with more oregano and rosemary was stuffed into slits in the meat. It came out great.

Our neighbor Jeff made a potato dish with jalapeno's and lots and lots of cheese and Cathy made a blueberry crumble.


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