Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer didn't work out the way I thought it would


I tried so hard to get this garden to work. I really thought that if I pretended hard enough that my backyard was California even though I am in Massachusetts, that everything would just work out fine and we would all get along. It didn't work out that way although we are still pretending and still playing the game.

I did pick a few heirloom tomatoes this morning. I also picked the blackeye peas to have for dinner


I love blackeye peas. Tasted them for the first time when I met Dr Food. I picked every last blackeye pea in the garden and will just use the little ones for snaps. Shelling them isn't so much fun.


So, I have no fancy recipe for these. I will stick them in a pot with water and a couple of big ole ham hocks and we will be set. Shhhh....I know this isn't really too sophisticated of a cooking post and somehow it seems so un PC to be eating this but once again, my best buddy in food crime and I will just close the shades so the neighbors can't peek in and see us.


  1. Oh, honey, that is so sad. You must embrace your Inner New England. At least work on that knitted lobster costume for Halloween. Give that garden time to get to know you.

    Fresh black-eyes? Yum! Break out the hickory smoked bacon. It's eatin' time.

  2. I'm with you on the "hard work for garden". I live in Canada ( ontario)
    my first tomato was ready for picking in august......
    Love black eye peas.

  3. I think it's brave and honest to admit that your garden isn't growing as you wished. Some bloggers overhype their mediocre results. You know what they say about silk purses...

    -Kelly at Crock Tease

  4. Ham Hocks on New England... Keep those drapes closed very tight