Friday, December 18, 2009

Why do I feel compelled to bake?


First off, the bread was one huge success. Not only was it beautiful but it tasted just as good as it looked. My new favorite recipe.

So, when Dr. Food asked if I was going to make peppermint bark I knew he meant "Please please make xmas crack".


Now mind you, this is one simple recipe. However, be warned that taking the cellophane off of all those damn candy canes is not so simple. As I sat there undoing each one (24 of them) I was wondering what I was thinking when I gave in to make the stuff.


When it came time to smash the suckers in a plastic bag I had no problem getting out my frustration on them.


So then you spread the molten white chocolate with the candy mixed in on a cookie sheet and shove it into the freezer.



It doesn't take a ton of cooking magic to make this stuff. So in case you want to know

Smash up 24 candy canes
Melt 2 bags of white or any kind of chocolate chips
Mix candy canes into the chocolate. Spread out on cookie sheet and put in freezer for about an hour. Break into pieces and there ya have it.


I then moved onto ginger cookie sandwiches which I found on FoodBuzz from Multiply Delicious


Mine didn't look as pretty as hers but I am seeing this as a theme in my baking adventures. I should probably stick to meat dishes and such.


They tasted great and I guess that is what counts.


  1. how it tastes is indeed what counts... I live by that moto

  2. Really loved your bread! and your kitchen too :o) I can see you have a red Le Creuset, love that pot. Your candies are perfect for the holidays!

  3. Laugh and a giggle.......your baking :-). I love this post!

  4. I love Christmas crack! :) Oh, I mean...peppermint bark. That and toffee - that's truly my crack for sure. :) You always make me smile.

  5. Taste is always the most important! The bread sounds perfect and the sweets are great!

  6. Taste is always the most important! The bread sounds perfect and the sweets are great!