Friday, May 28, 2010

That's the way the cookie crumbles - Chai Cookies


We were suppose to have friends over this weekend for an Indian dinner. I was testing out something to serve after dinner because those day glo desserts in the Indian market are not my favorite (that is what my mom told me to say when I didn't like something when I was a kid instead of "I HATE THESE"). I decided to make a chai cookie. I was going to invent something with garam masala and then went with chai. I have a horrible sinus infection and been pretty darn lazy so I checked things out on the internet for a cookie recipe in which I was imagining (nothing is original these days).

So, I brewed up some of my favorite chai tea (which I get from Feather Heart Trading) I have to say that these teas are my absolute favorite. Feather Heart is a girl after my own heart! I also buy fun balms and stuff from Feather Heart (ok, so I still wear patchouli, don't be a hater). My favorite tea is the Harold and Maude tea which is Oatstraw Tea....If you want to sing out sing out! Ooops, I digress.


This recipe that I will not name for certain reasons that will become clear directed me to brew chai tea AND use chai tea from teabags. My brain was working enough to know that I didn't want to be picking herbs and tea out of my teeth after eating this morsel. So, I bought so chai tea powder to use in the Indian food store.


Um, yeah so I mixed all the ingredients such as honey, flour, egg, and butter (make a good play dough) together and followed the directions which was to make three logs out of it (the picture was too obscene for a photo op). Ok, I will say it... It looked like a dog turd. It is then refrigerated and cut into slices.


Then I was directed to frost them with powdered sugar and some of the brewed chai mixed together. Hmmmm.

I promised my "pretend babies" nextdoor COOKIES! I never go back on my word so I delivered. They ate them and asked for more but my sweetheart Habtamu said to his mother after I left "Mom, can I have some water?" What a polite boy. I love him.

I promptly came home and went to go trash these little cookies and I dropped them. My dog came in for the kill and stopped in her tracks. It almost looked like a cartoon dog skidding to a stop.


Hell NO I won't eat that! I know that is what she was thinking. Even the thought of eating them made her mouth dry.


She had to go to the groomer today to get the smell off of her.


So, the moral of the story is that not everything always is what it seems. Seems to me that with people photoshopping the things they post (food for god sake) and people always talking about perfection, I wanted to show the foibles of being a home cook. Then again, I never said I could bake.


  1. Love this post, I am still laughing:)

  2. Well, we all know that dogs rule. . . lol! She is gorgeous with the new grooming! The cookies, well, they sound like they are where they belong now!

  3. haha! now I don't feel so bad about my non smoking yogurt. Our dog will go after anything that hits the floor.did you see sanjanas' great cookie recipe??? Maybe we should both try that.