Monday, August 16, 2010

I am freaking out but here is a good lamb recipe...


I have to say that when I went out to pick vegetables in my garden I was thrilled with what I got. This has been an amazing summer for vegetables. The freaking out part? I realized that stores are selling Halloween stuff. I see a hint of orange on the trees. Worse of all was going to the nursery to get some kale plants and lettuce plants and finding that the nursery had no people and hardly any plants. No luck on any vegetables at all. Freaks me out that the summer is almost over. In the meantime lets take a look before it is too late (and so when there is snow up to my neck I can look back at this and remember that one day the sun will come out again) at my vegetable garden.


Here is my patio. You can see theTopsy Turvy Tree in the background. It is producing lots of tomatoes and basil. Not worth all the work of having to water it EVERY day even when it rains.


How excited was I when Dr. Food came home with a lycee plant that he got from one of his co-workers. I can't tell you how excited I am to grow this.


My other "baby" is this Kefir Lime tree. It is doing really well. I hope I can keep it alive once I bring it inside for the winter.


Also have a regular lemon tree. Now remember all this is coming inside in the winter. My house will be like the Little Shop of Horrors.

Out in the raised beds I have a ton of stuff.




Even the lemongrass is growing.


In case you were wondering Shiso grows like a weed.


Padron peppers which we have been eating as fast as they grow.


Wouldn't be my garden without lots of basil.


Blackeyed peas are my favorite!


Chard that I keep taking for dinner. Poor plant.



Lots of tomatoes.

I am very proud of this next picture. It was a ficus tree that was completely dead that my neighbor was going to throw out. I always pretend that I have a green thumb (which I really don't) and told her I would take it and bring it back to life. I guess faking that you know what you are talking about works.


So where is the lamb you ask?

First off let me start off by saying DO NOT BUY THIS WINE. I am sorry if someone brought it to our house as a gift (I don't know where it came from and I don't know why we would have bought it) but wasn't good. Lets just blame it on being corked so that it sounds better.


The lamb recipe was awesome. Nothing fancy but really good. I started off with the lamb chops that were the last thing left of our lamb that we bought last year.


We are waiting for the new lamb that we ordered for this year. I heard that it will be ready soon. Yay!


The recipe starts with slicing lemons (no, the lemons are not from my tree they are from Costco)


The rest of the stuff is mixed together and poured over the lamb to marinate for a while.


Meantime I made my cranberry beans that I picked and chard that I picked (with some spinach that I threw in there).


Grilled the chops and dinner was served.

The recipe came from Rachel Rappaport at Coconut and Lime. She doesn't like you to post the recipe on your own blog. She wants me to link to her site for the recipe. Here it is: Rosemary-Dijon Grilled Lamb Chops

See? I follow the rules.


  1. You have a lovely garden! Also I giggle at the title of your blog every time I visit.

  2. Summer's almost OVER? For the love of all that's Holy, it hasn't really got started here! We've only had 2 days >100 and you KNOW that's weird. The last couple of weeks have been in the 80's. I haven't been in my pool in nearly a month. Love your garden. I'm jealous but in a good way :-D

  3. Yes, summer is winding down. But that means autumn veggies!!


  4. Janis, you have an amazing garden, I'm envious, I love gardening, the food looks great too!

  5. I really love your garden. If you want a really long summer, move here to Phoenix. We have at least another month to go.

  6. That sounds great. Makes me miss my garden now that I moved into an apartment.

  7. Bravo for following the rules! I love the tour of your garden. Thanks for the pictures and causing some major envy in me. Too many trees around our house to even grow grass properly. I love the lamb recipe too. I love any lamb recipe. :)

  8. Your garden looks amazing. We just inevitably kill any vegetables that we plant. Herbs we have managed fine with though. I think it is often over watering, we drown them in too much of our love. lol I am especially envious of your little lemon tree. Lemons won't grow here in Oregon. And I have ALWAYS wanted a big lemon tree in the back yard. I use them for everything! They do have one hybrid Meyer lemon tree that is allegedly zoned to grow here, but I am nervous about the initial investment, knowing there is a strong probability that I will end up murdering it by accident. What a delicious lamb recipe! I love Coconut and Lime =)

    Thanks for the tour/sharing!

  9. Thanks all for your comments.

    Jacob (I think that must be your name) Lemon trees will grow in Oregon just as well as in New England. You just have to bring them indoors in the winter. You can buy a small plant to start off with and see if it works. Be brave!

  10. What a wonderful garden * sighhh, living in Phoenix and I can't even keep cactus alive!
    I've been enjoying your comments on Lauren's blog so I thought I would check out yours, So glad I came across it. I love your writing and photography style.

  11. What a beautiful garden...Halloween -crazy! Great reciepe :)

  12. Love your garden goodies :-) We've been making the same lamb minus the mustard seeds for eons. It's my absolute favorite way to fix lamb chops. kateiscooking

  13. I love your garden and your blog too:)

  14. I love your garden and your blog too:)

  15. I really love your garden. If you want a really long summer, move here to Phoenix. We have at least another month to go.

  16. Janis, you have an amazing garden, I'm envious, I love gardening, the food looks great too!