Thursday, November 11, 2010

The perfect egg or I just wanted some Kimchi Fried Rice


It all started because Dr. Food was going out to a business dinner. Yeah, I am sure he is wolfing down some huge old steak and a cocktail or two. Me? I am left with food scraps (well, not really but I want you to feel sorry for me). I decided to make Kimchi Fried Rice. It is my standard when the big guy is out of town or eating at some fancy shmancy restaurant (well again an overstatement since he was going to Burlington, MA to eat) and I am watching "Mystery Diagnosis" (shut up, I usually watch less intellectual things when Dr Food is reruns of Seinfeld and stuff like that). Ok, I will get on with it.

First off let me tell you that we have pretty much taken all processed food out of our diet. We eat only brown rice and grains. We eat wheat pasta (ew, I really still don't like it). Anyhow, I sorta snuck some of the white rice in tonight.


PLEASE, I know that Dr Food is gnawing on a steak as we speak (well as *I* write) and I KNOW that he goes for Chinese Food for lunch when he "forgets" his turkey sandwich at home. So I also felt justified in sneaking in some chorizo into my Kimchi Fried Rice. I am getting to the egg part of this post. Before I do lets just say that this was a very "international" dinner. I think the next time I make it I will use pastrami instead of chorizo. It would be GOOD. Pastrami, and Kimchi and rice...with an egg on top.


Did I mention that I hate this rice cooker? I want the fancy Zojirushi one. I enter contests on blogs to win one but I never do. This is because I don't have a publicist and I am not very popular. So, ya know...

oh oh...I know what I wanted to tell you. I used scapes that I froze this summer. How cool is that?!


I went to my Jacques and Julia book (it is autographed by her before she died and everything. It has the wrong name but that is ok). I looked up how to poach an egg. She tells ya (I didn't want to listen to Jacque because I am Julia's girl) to use a canning jar rim if you don't have an egg poacher. Um, yeah, like I have an egg poacher sitting around.


So, I followed her directions and dropped it into the boiling water.


Looking good! I love you Julia (but I refuse to make your beef bourguignon because of the horrible movie I watched).


And then this is when it took a turn for the worse.


Then I took it out and it was perfect. Well sorta. It kind of stuck to the paper towel (YES, JULIA said to drain it on a paper towel! Maybe it was Jacque that said it. I shouldn't have listened if it was Jacque.)


It was actually amusing that when I tried to move it forcibly it did this kind of cool thing and just separated.

On to Egg 2. The perfect FRIED egg. Julia had no advice for this one so I turned to Joël Robuchon. He is French and he knows everything. Hey! another culture to add to my multicultural dinner. Portuguese chorizo with Kimchi Fried Rice and a French Egg on top.


Ah, pretty egg! Wait...wait... FLIP!


Damn. Lets try again.




GOOD ENOUGH. Not really since all the blog posts that I see on the "Popular" sites have perfect eggs. I mean PERFECT. I know they must sit and make one egg after another for it to look like that but *I* refuse. I have my limits and 3 eggs is it!


I just threw the other stuff together and cooked.


There ya have it.

Dr Food is gone so I can eat what I want Kimchi and Rice

2 C cooked rice (I won't tell if you don't use brown rice)
2 tsp garlic (I used scapes)
1C Kimchi + juice from Kimchi
Any kind of protein you want....I use chorizo for the kick but you could use anything. Next time I swear I am going to try pastrami
Egg (or eggs in my many as it takes to get a good photo)

Brown the garlic and protein and add kimchi. Cook for about 5 minutes and then add rice. Cook and top with any kind of egg you like as long as it is "perfect".


Um, I told you my Gammy is a little "different". She is really very nice just a little know..."confused".


  1. You got the perfect egg! Love kimchi rice...he's too cute!

  2. Ok, this looks lovely. We all have our "eating for one" meals. I have an egg poacher sitting a matter of fact I have an egg poacher that will do 3 eggs at once. Ask me how many times I've used it..go ahead..ask. Once. I do however had a lot of canning lids lying around and I like that idea so much better.
    I'm off to practice my dessert technique again tonight..I have to be able to make this work.

  3. First of all, you've officially got the world's cutest grandbaby. :D

    Second of all, that kimchi fried rice sounds really good! I've never tried kimchi before, but I'm definitely liking what I see. Not to mention the eggy business. I have a bit of an obsession there. Yum!

  4. good job.. he s soooooooo cute:)

  5. It was a small steak! Ok, ok it was a big steak crusted with procini mushrooms and sevred with an aged balsamic glaze. It was good too. Just don't tell Parker that Dr. Grandpa is a glutten. I am sure he will figure it out in time all on his own.

    Dr. Food

  6. Mmm, now *I* want some kimchi fried rice! With an egg on top. Okay, well, speaking of egg perfection ... the other day it was eggs day in culinary class and it took me 3 tries to get my French omelette flipped. Everyone was having trouble because it was a 3 egg one in a non-non stick pan. The first one ended up half in the trash, half on my foot. It's a good thing Chef told us not to try it over the stoves!! We would have been there cleaning all day. So I think you did just fine!

  7. hehe love this post. And so impressed you made kimchi fried rice. Who cares if the egg is not perfect, so long as it tastes good (=

  8. Thanks all! Anonymous: Grandpa isn't a glutton.
    Kathy: I have much faith that your dessert will be lovely!
    Trix: I love you and you made me feel much better.
    Lisa: I was Korean in another life :--) I always say that I am a Korean grammy. Oh, and it tasted really good.

  9. I just love kimchi. Fried egg is just perfect.

  10. Bravo! So you know, I never flip my egg. I put the lid on for the last minute and the steam cooks the film on top perfectly. Your Kimchi fried rice looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the oops with the success. It made me giggle and glad I wasn't the only one that did that kind of thing!

  11. OMG!(i know, that's really annoying) but, seriously, I was laughing so hard! I know the hubs was looking at me wondering what the heck I am laughing at. Girl, you just kill me. I LOVE your writing. It's like I'm inside your head (ooo, scary). But I like that because you talk about the REAL stuff. The egg shenanigans were just priceless. love ya!

  12. Kimchi fried rice rules, whether you use turkey, bacon, spam or chorizo.

  13. Not to mention the eggy business, I have a bit of an obsession there.

  14. Kimchi fried rice rules, whether you use turkey, bacon, spam or chorizo.

  15. It was a small steak! Ok, ok it was a big steak crusted with procini mushrooms and sevred with an aged balsamic glaze. It was good too. Just don't tell Parker that Dr. Grandpa is a glutten. I am sure he will figure it out in time all on his own.

    Dr. Food