Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fiddlehead and Shrimp and Pasta Experiment


It all started when I went to the farm that I belong to (CSA but with coupons to the farm store instead of a box of random stuff) and I saw fresh and local fiddleheads. The only time I have tasted fiddleheads was in Hawaii many moons ago. I mean many many many moons ago.


These little guys intrigued me. I also read that they are a New England spring delicacy. Hell, that in itself made me feel obligated. I mean how often does New England delicacies come around? Don't say Lobster or I will punch you through the screen.

omuy! (it is yummo backwards) I couldn't resists sneaking a little anchovy in there. Oh oh...I just thought of something. Anchovy and garlic on corn on the cob. I just thought of that. I am going to try it. I love anchovy.


Ok, I had to put some kind of protein in there because if I didn't Dr. Food gets really grumpy and turns into a big baby. So, I used shrimp.


Put it all on top of some pasta and called it dinner. Ok, should I tell you now or after I give you the recipe? Now? Uhh...


Hey! This is how I dressed MY kids when they were little. Hi baby Annie with the big nose. Mommy loves you!


I owned a Yarn store in Northern California and this was the logo!

thanksgiving 008

This is my old dog Lily. I miss her. She died on the way out to New England from California. She was my best friend and 9 years old. Ok ok, didn't mean to make you sad.


Here is a current picture of my baby Parker.


Here is another one. I knit him his monster pants.

Ok, you want to know why I am stalling?

I hated the dinner and will not subject you with the recipe. Go eat a Pizza with anchovies.


  1. Ha!
    I fear fiddleheads. I fear any ingredient which you're not supposed to eat unless you cook it for ten minutes. Just too beau coups for me.

  2. In case your curious, your twin lives in Ohio. I grew up with her in the Chicago area. She has your humor, knits like a fiend and treats her grown children with the same loving disrespect.

  3. I came to learn what fiddleheads were, I ended up with tears followed up with a smile. Those darn dogs that steal our hearts. My heart aches for my dear Sophie. I had her for 11 yrs. She was my best friend and protector. Oops, tears are coming. Quick lets talk about those knit pants! I LOVE THEM and wish my butt would look cute in them! But instead I would scare even my own children if I ishowed up with a pair on and they are used to my antics! I love monsters and I love baby Parkers sweet face.

  4. have to cook for 10 minutes?

  5. Those are the cutest monster pants in the history of monster pants.

  6. hahahaha. I love it! Is it the fiddleheads you hated or just the combo of everything? I love those monster pants by the way, adorable.

  7. First of all that loks insanely delicious! And second, I just passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! Please stop by my site to see details and pass it on to others. =]

  8. I've been following your blog for only about two weeks, so please forgive me if you've mentioned the reason why in a previous post: why wouldn't you like it if someone mentioned lobster as a "New England delicacy"? I grew up in Connecticut (which, I know, is debatable about its New England authenticity), but lobster is just one of the many things I miss about home. (I've been living in Maryland for the past five years and counting.)

  9. I don't dislike lobster but I am sick of it being the only thing besides Clam Chowder as far as a delicacy here.

  10. Christine's PantryMay 6, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    Congrats on winning the award.

  11. Thanks! I haven't posted it because I haven't decided who to pass it on to.

  12. Love those fiddle heads and the monster pants!!! I hate recipes that don't live up to expectations after a whole lotta work . I wish I had some fiddle heads because this still looks good to me.

  13. I've never had a fiddlehead and now I HAVE to try them. :)

  14. Ha! Funny, it actually looks pretty good? What was not to like?

  15. I've been looking for fiddleheads and haven't found any. Maybe I should be glad??? Great photos, btw. Love the monster pants.