Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I don't feel like doing this but... A Pig Roast


So, where do I begin? I begin with the above shot. This is what it looked like outside my window in the days leading up to "The" Pig Roast. This Pig Roast had been planned for months and months. My pals were coming in from out of town. Kathy was coming in from Washington D.C. and Amanda and her husband were coming from Pennsylvania. RSVPs were coming in and the count was in the 50 range. Not bad. Pig was ordered and all was beautiful. As the week of the event came into sight the threat of a Hurricane also arrived. Pfft. No Hurricane was going to stop this. Dr. Food and I took off of work on Friday to get ready and to go pick up our pig. This is where I say "If you don't want to see a whole pig in all states of being do not read any further.


This is one of the best babies in the world. His name is William and I fell in love with him.

Leave now if you don't want to see graphic pig shots.

So, as I was saying we picked up the pig.


Can I tell you that lugging a 100+ pound pig is not easy. Dr. Food and I really had our hands full.

Enter Friday night...

I start getting messages that there is no way that out of town guests can attend. I totally agree with them that according to the forecast they should not travel. I am heart broken that they aren't coming but ya know stuff happens and I am an adult and I need to carry on.


Saturday morning... It is raining but really no big deal at all. I carry on with preparation for the Pig Roast.


Umbrella is set up to protect the almighty pig. I am in the kitchen getting stuff ready and keeping an eye on tweets coming in. People are tweeting me that they are not going to be able to make it. I am getting pretty disappointed but I still have my game face on. Hell, we have Mai Tai's and Pig and smoked chickens and well I still feel thankful for what I do have.


Jeff (waving to Jeff! "We love you Jeff. You always there to help") helped Rich get the pig into the Caja China.

My friends start to arrive and I have to say here that I love them. They came with smiles and food and ready to eat some pork and swig down a Mai Tai or two. Amanda had overnighted these adorable name tags.


She also surprised me with Gretchen. A gal pal for Goober.


Here they are in front of a reminder of home. Jarlsberg is where their hearts are.


We have put out a sample of much of our Charcuterie for our Charcutepalooza friends. Know what? Not one of them were there. My disappointment is palatable by this time.


Pig is done and I just want to get this post over with so I am going to go fast here. Stay with me.


Dr. Food and Jeff getting rid of hot coals.


Dr. Food with a pig head in his hand.




Chickens out of smoker.


Sides that my buddies all brought.


Me with a cleaver in my hand ready to attack the pig.


Amazing Pork (which I have tons left in my freezer)


Amazing dessert with a piggy on the top of it. This cheesecake was awesome as was the flan and brownies.

So, I have to say thank you to all my buddies that came through in the rain. I don't know what I would do without you.


Note: Next day we were without power for the day and we couldn't clean up. Can you imagine what it looked like around here?


Oh and Mrs Wheelbarrow sent me enough tattoos so that I don't ever have to get a real one :--)

Again thank you Dr. Food for being such a good sport. Thank you Jeff and Cathy for helping so much. Thanks to our friends who made it through the rain to be here with us. Get ready for our next adventure because you will all be invited :--)


  1. I love a good pig pickin' and yours looks perfect. If my invite hadn't gotten lost in the mail, I'd have brought a Hummingbird cake. Us southerners (even the fake ones like me) never have a pig pickin' without one, you know. It all really does look incredible. I'm sorry Irene crashed your party.

  2. DAMN, on so many levels. You & uncle Dr. Food are pig-meisters, and I so wish I could have been there!

  3. I had a blast, and it looks like managed to evade the camera pretty well. I am sad I didn't get to meet many of the people I have chatted with online, but I believe I did enough of a number of on the charcuterie to make up for a few of them....and on the pig.....and the Mai tais.  Did I mention how good the Mai tais were? 

    Thanks Janis and Dr Food. For an awesome time all my friends are jealous. 

  4. You and Rebbeca and William are the best. I am so glad you guys were there and you will now be invited to everything :--)

  5. I commit now to being there--and that means anywhere in the world the next time you do this. I am so sorry it did not work for me this year.

  6. I am so sad that I could not be there. I had it on permanamt marker on the calender too. You let me know when the next shing ding is and I'll clear the calender xoxo

  7. A pig roast - yum!! I just love your posts. This looked like such a great and delicious time. I am sorry that the hurricane got in your way, but so happy to hear that you continued on and friends were able to come. I can't even imagine what it was like with no power during clean up day :0  Great to see Goober's got a gal!  :)

  8. Confessions of a Culinary DivaAugust 30, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    Kudos to you and your adventerous spirit for roasting a pig in spite of a hurricane - that gives a whole new meaning to the word "foodie".

  9. So sad I missed it!  So close but yet so far.  Sigh. You two are amazing - your spread looked fantastic!

  10.  the roated pig looks amazing.  you sure is a serious foodie! I like!

  11. If I had been anywhere nearby I would have braved that damn storm and been there. GREG

  12. I know you would have sweetie.

  13. I missed you like crazy but know you did the right thing! Next time.

  14. I will hold ya to it!

  15. Who invited Irene to this party? ;-) Sounds like you had a great time despite the weather. Thanks for the beauty shot of Jarlsberg (and of course, Goober and Gretchen). We always love seeing what your #troll is up to!