Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A night in the Inn and a kosher goat story


Gather round youngin and I will tell you a story that might shock you. It isn't for the weak of heart. It all started at "The Inn". Henceforth referred to as "Next time stay hotel" (NTSH).


Looks nice enough driving up. Sorta. Kinda. The conversation in my head.

Me: Uh oh

Head: You are always such a snot about these things. Give it a chance.

Me: Give it a chance?

Head: Yes, give it a chance.

Me: Ok, but can I kick your ass if it is what I think it is?

Head: How you gonna do that?

Me: I will figure something out asswipe.

I didn't get a photo of the "Lobby" because I was trying to be a polite guest.


But after getting up one flight of stairs I got this shot to share with my audience. Hello? You guys are there aren't you?


We were on the "3rd floor" with the view. Trying to get up those stairs was a bit of a challenge with an armload of stuff that we had brought.


So, ok. The bed looked decent but the room smelled like paint and the wallpaper was giving me a headache the size of Texas.


This is the door to the bathroom. No, we didn't have to share but ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Only the finest for me.


But wait! there is more. Complimentary soap.


Ok, so fast forward to breakfast the next day. We come down for our breakfast and we are seated. All of a sudden I spy the dreaded tchotkes (translation: Tacky decorations)


Wait, that is the grumpiest I have ever seen Dr. Food look. I know I chopped off his head in the picture but he is looking how *I* felt. Hey Dr. Food, you lied to me when you said everything was not that bad. You KNEW it was that bad but you didn't want to see me go off onto a "Janis Rant". Maybe it was for the best that you kept a good front. You know me so well. I love you Dr. Food.


I know you didn't break the head on that chicken Dr. Food. I know that it was already like that.


We had a guide that was provided to us at the Inn. What? 2008? Oh, I am sure all the stores that it lists are still around. No problem.


So we got out of there and hit the road for adventure. First stop was a yarn shop that was really nice and that I wanted to drop a few bucks but the people running it didn't seem to think that I was worthy of letting me have any yarn. What idiots. So, we hightailed it out of there and hit the road for the Hard Cider place. I didn't get pictures but we did get hard cider.


Next off to a farm that had self serve. We picked up some cheese and whole milk yogurt and handmade butter and other stuff that I can't really remember.


We went antique looking. We stopped at a crazy guys shop. He had a sign not to take pictures. Me?? Follow rules? I laugh in the face of rules. I had to do my journalistic duty and bring back a shot of old doors for my "readers".

Ok, so this is the part that I have no pictures. We went to dinner at our friends Mark and Bruce. It was an amazing meal. AMAZING. We drank good stuff, and we ate amazing stuff. We drank some more. We met really wonderful people and made new friends. It made the stinky, gross Inn worth it.

Next day we went to get our goat that had come back from the butcher. We went to Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center to pick it up. What an incredibly friendly and pretty place.


We got a tour and I even got to hold and feed a week old baby goat.


I know that it seems weird that I would be so in love with the goats on the farm and yet I was there buying one to eat. I know that some of my Vegan friends (do I have vegan friends? Oh, wait I do!) will be repulsed by the idea. But it is a very fine line this meat thing. It is personal. It is respecting and being thankful for where the food comes from. The goat we bought is Kosher for gods sake. Heh...


I had a fun time with Dr. Food but was glad to get home to my own little animal.


  1. Oh wow, that sounds like an "adventure". The market haul looks delicious, though.

  2. Sweet! I love them quirky outings....even if the "inn" was a little more quark than quirk

  3. Deanchristopher90210April 3, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    What makes a goat kosher? Do they remove its bacon? Is it raised dairy-free? Do you eat only the front half? Does it come with a yarmulke and tefillin? It it raised in a klezmer-rich environment with much clapping and lunging around in circles shouting "Hoo hoo hoo!"?

  4. Janis, I respect you for buying your meat this way.  More people should.  It's just that I can't do the meat eating thing anymore.   Oh, and by the way, there's no way in hell that I am sending you my goat! ; )

  5. You should write a book. That is all. :-)

  6. So the Bates owned that Inn? Wow, what an experience for you guys. The poor people are trying their hardest though so it was good of you to bring in some income for them.

    I'm curious as to the kosherness vs. not of goat as well. Do tell.

  7. Yes you did! I will listen next time. Dinner was amazing and I wish we lived closer.

  8. Even if I promise not to eat it?

  9. What was wrong with those yarn people?  That part really got my goat.

  10. Did you pick up a door for the Inn's Bathroom? Did you at least think about it?

  11. Do not make any promises I don't inttend to let you keep.  :)

  12. We had kosher goat meat at our Passover seder this evening. What good eats!

  13. I guess now I can send you it's leg, right?

  14. You know as a long time B&B stayer-lover I thought you were over reacting when you were talking/complaining  about the "Inn"  ..how wrong I was! I'd have been looking for the nearest Comfort Inn..love the broken eared bunny. But it was all worth it in the end to eat with Mark and Bruce and then get your goat.

  15. Sounds like a fun trip, regardless of the stinky inn =)  The amazing meal should have made up for it all!