Monday, August 13, 2012

Lets go back in time...


I have been sick. I have had the stomach flu. I have not been eating anything worth mentioning. So, here is a glimpse into my old blog "Yarn!" from August 2006 This blog really was for my Yarn store customers. I lived in Alameda, CA. and yes I owned a yarn shop named Yarn! (yes, I really named it that and as the kids walked by on their way home from school they would yell "YARNNNNNNNN". I named it that because my mother said "You can't name it that" when I was joking and told her that was what I was going to call it. Here ya go...

Dr. Food and I decided to spend the weekend cooking. It was like old times. We picked out recipes from a cookbook that we bought in Canada. It is by a couple of people that own an Inn down the road from Sooke Harbor House (where we stayed). The cookbook is called "Flavours" We spent all day saturday making beef stock and forging for the food we needed. We cooked Sunday and had Tim and Annie over to help us eat it.



This is Mushroom, Ricotta and Sun-dried Tomato Strudel.

First Course:


Annie was in a hurry. This is Crab and Mascarpone Parfait.

Main course:


This is Mushroom Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Onion Stuffing.

We also made Gratin of Fresh Greens


and then for dessert:


These are Gingersnaps with Mascarpone Filling.

There were about 3 bottles of wine in there as well with a Kir and champagne to start. Oh yeah we also finished off a dessert wine that we brought back from Canada with us.


So peoples, that is it. You can see my blogging back then was no better than it is now.
That is why I get paid the big bucks. What is that? What is my agents number? Get it from Sven my assistant.

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  1.  Sorry you were sick but then if you weren't we wouldn't have the pleasure of reading your always acerbic and equally funny pieces. Bite that flu in the butt!!