Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ignore this post if you are looking for a recipe.


I don't have anything to give today. I really don't. I could have skipped writing a blog post until I did have something to share or I was feeling cheerier but I didn't really want to. I wanted to be writing. I wanted to be spewing. I don't know what it is I want right now. Something feels hollow.


It could have to do with the end of summer being near. Summer isn't just defined by weather or what month it is. It is a feeling too. Here on the East Coast it is a palatable feeling. That one leaf turning red (Yes, I know that it is a fluke, or a sick tree, or whatever excuse you guys that are from here make up; but to me it is the end of Summer.


Most my tomatoes have been canned and I have my doubts about the dozen of green ones out there. I bet they don't turn red on time and they wither and rot.


Soon this pathway will be red and orange and then white white white.


We will get too lazy and cold to go into Boston.


Therefore no Falafel and other good food. It means cooking at home and hunkering down.


Ok, switch subject. Look at the chicken I made the other night. You know that finding new chicken recipes is a hobby with me.


Secret cooking has been taking place.


and some sweetbreads...


Don't say ewww unless you tried them.


Ok, I know that I have this habit of leaving people with nothing to say. I talk and talk and talk. No answer. No recipe. Nothing to give today. I am feeling the end of Summer and it has me feeling blue.


  1. Oh, poor Sissy! If it makes you feel better, I'm really blue about the end of summer, and we don't even have seasons. I'm almost 60 and I'm still saying, "I don't want to go back to school.". Love you...

  2. Sweetie! You did share some lovely food and I think those green tomatoes will be perfect for pickling or frying. Dakota seems to share your mood today. That's okay. Each season brings its own rewards. We'll have to make a snow-angel date!

  3. Ooooo sweetbreads. I love sweetbreads.

  4. Janis, where did you get the sweetbreads from? I'm looking for better sources (although I have my hopes up for M.F. Dulock)...

  5. Samantha,
    I got the sweetbreads at Savenors on Charles.

  6. Oo. Good thinking. I always forget about their meat case of glory :)

  7. Misery loves company :-). I am blue too and very empty. The fuel light is flashing.

  8. Lovely! I guess the fantasy that all us West coasters have about White Christmases must just get on your last nerve, but I do love all your wintertime posts and recipes. The idea of the pathway turning all crimson bleeding into white sounds romantic to me. Hope yo;re feeling peppier soon, if anyone could make me eat sweetbreads it would be you but you'd have to do the whole "open the hangar for the airplane thing". They do look good.

  9. You know, Fall is my favorite season. I actually love the sweet melancholy of the waning light and falling leaves. I guess that's what comes from growing up on the East Coast. One thing we do have in common, though: I love sweetbreads! And yours look particularly good.