Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ahem... Ok, here it goes

I am not sure where to start. I don't want to sound snotty or mean or anything. I just want to be honest. I am pairing way down on social media. No really. This means that I no longer will be on Twitter. The friends I have made know that they can reach me. If they are friends they will and if they aren't then it just goes to show you what I am not sure.

Here it goes...
I started out on social media back in the day of BBS's. Yup. I had my 1200Baud accoustical modem and away I went. David's Amazing BBS. Run by a very quirky David Dennis. Son of Jack Dennis. Come on, didn't any of you read The Cuckoo's Egg? So I was hooked. Back in 1985 I was in geek heaven. It then took a turn. My life changed and so did I. I ended up on Usenet and spent time on RFC ( and RFC ( I met Dr. Food on RFC. I met friends that I am still friends with. At the time I worked at RAND as a typesetter. As time went by so did technology. I was asked to learn HTML since it was a stupid cousin of a Unix language I was using. I learned. I played. I turned into their Web Women.

Lets fast forward to now. I am on Twitter. I am on Facebook. I hate both of them but can't stop looking. I am deleting Twitter. I am paring down Facebook to a list of people who are really my friends (goodbye high school people that never communicate with me anyhow). I am actually deleting anyone that I don't talk to via phone, email or who otherwise I have a current connection.

1. I am sick of self promotion. I don't care about listening to you tell me how amazing you are.

2. I am sick of being sold something.

3. I am sick of attention seekers.

4. I am sick of phoney.

5. I am sick of the self importance when none of it really matters.

6. I am done.

So, if you want to keep in touch that is great. You have my email. You might even have my phone number. If you don't have either, chances are you don't need to talk to me.

This blog? I do this blog for the people that really love me in real life. I also do it for others that like reading it. I do it for the practice of writing. I do it to amuse myself. Ok? I do NOT do it to get "famous" (which in this medium means a book deal) or to make people like me.

Thanks to you know who for putting shit into perspective for me. Your approach stunk but it made me open up my eyes. (No it wasn't Dr. Food)

Love Janis

Crow Pie:

1 crow
stuffing of your choice
salt and pepper
2 Pie crust mixes
2-3 hard-boiled eggs

Stuff the crow. Loosen joints with a knife but do not cut through.
Simmer the crow in a stew-pan, with enough water to cover, until nearly tender, then season with salt and pepper. Remove meat from bones and set aside.
Prepare pie crusts as directed. (Do not bake)
Make a medium thick gravy with flour, shortening, and juices in which the crow has cooked and let cool.
Line a pie plate with pie crust and line with slices of hard-boiled egg. Place crow meat on top. Layer gravy over the crow. Place second pie dough crust over top.
Bake at 450 degrees for 1/2 hour.

Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario


  1. I will miss you. Even though I've never met you in real life I look for your posts and not having them there will be a loss for me.
    I love your sarcasm and your wit and I will add you to my email address book and I will continue to read you here because I really fucking like you!

  2. Oh Janis, this makes me sad. On the other side of sad, though, is a deep admiration for you and your ability to cut through the BS. I respect that profoundly. I can't wait to see/read what sort of things you cook up in the hours you reclaim from twitter! I raise a bourbon cocktail to you!

  3. I think I know how you feel. I felt so pressured to have ads/giveaways on my blog when I first started. Then I paired it down, made it into art, got rid of the ads and did what I wanted with my business. Then I stopped giving a shit about the bloggers. I am not a blogger. I am a photographer. It's liberating. I too, am sick of people hawking shit that I know is not a good product in conjunction a shitty recipe. I'm sure you can spot them just as well as I can. Churning out content is nothing more than that. Good for you. And, I'm glad I have your email. xo.

  4. So, I can just come onto your blog to sell you stuff?


  5. I get it too. I know after the baby comes I won't have as much time for all of this. BUT I have your e-mail, your phone number, AND your address muah!!! You know I love you, even if you break up with social media. xoxo

  6. Yes, I do know. The feeling is mutual. Mwah.

  7. I respect what you've done so very much, Janis. I have your Skype, and your email, and hope we can tie on a deux rag soon. xox

  8. I applaud 100% what you've said here. However, I feel like I'm one of those people that have been out for blatant self promotion (in reference to trying to gain potential customer interest in my business). For that, I hang my head.

    If however your talking specifically about blogging, that I don't cop to that! My blog is small and virtually under the radar as far as food blogs are concerned. I blog for my own enjoyment and hopefully for the few friends and family members that are internet savvy enough to visit me on a regular basis (and trust me when I tell you that it just isn't happening!)

    Over the past few months, I've been through the wringer trying hard not to compare myself (and what I have to offer as a blogger) to other well know bloggers, and have take many sabbaticals from twitter (and the like) just to keep my sanity. I completely understand your viewpoint and identify with you more than you know.

    I will miss seeing your tweets on twitter even though we weren't friendly tweeters on a regular basis. I always enjoyed your wit and humor so, if for nothing else, I wish you well!

  9. Thanks sweetie. I am glad you understand.

  10. Wow. There's a longer story behind this that we may never know...

    Anyway, I'm happy you included interested strangers in your circle. We don't have a personal connection but I do enjoy reading your blog!

  11. Awww Frank. You ARE my buddy.

  12. I don't know where I fall into things. I missed this one entirely and just came back to it since you mentioned it in the goat and opah thing. Maybe since I saw your post on facebook you've decided not to dump me (?). Hopefully it's because I've never once used the word foodie or bestie in my blog? I'm pretty sure my stuff on Twitter isn't what put you off. The beast scares me. I run in, throw up the link to my latest post and run out again. Whatever it is, kudos for speaking your mind (like you ever do anything but that).

    FYI, I'll bet crow meat tastes absolutely nasty.

  13. You know I adore you!!

  14. so that's what happened....

    ...was it something i said? ;-)

    i certainly miss your tweets, but happy to visit you here.