Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I did it! I made a Cherpumple my way!


So, Dr. Food has been out of the country for weeks now. Ok, so it has only been 8 days but it feels like weeks. I was snowed in twice while he has been gone. Today being one of those days. First day of Spring tomorrow and I am stuck in the house because of the snow. Not really. Jeffie my neighbor snow blowed (is it snow blew?) for me. I tend towards being a little bit dramatic. What have I been doing? Well, working for one. That is when I am not stuck out in the wilderness snowed in. Yeah, Marlborough, Massachusetts IS the wilderness as far as *I* am concerned.


First of all I decorated the laundry room. Dr. Food rolled his eyes when he saw that I bought this to put up (not really but I can tell he wanted to). I don't think he thought I would get off my ass to do this but while he was away I did.


Someone really wishes that I would just chill. I think she hates when Dr. Food goes away because I do weird things like eat dinner over the sink and feed her things that I shouldn't. I think it makes her nervous. I think she really doesn't know what to think. I think she is a dog and was just sleeping on her blanket and I made a story up about it because I don't have much to say. I think you all may have left this blog post already... HELLO?


Ok, so the Cherpumple story. I awoke (awoke?) early in the morning to fufill the mission of making my coworkers a special cake. It is a pie/cake called a Cherpumple. Cherry, Pumpkin, Apple pies, baked into cakes. Stacked up and frosted. I used Peach baked into a white cake. Pecan baked into a butter pecan cake. Last but not least the noble apple pie baked into a yellow cake mix. You can do whatever you want. My cake/pie is called a Pecapple


So store bought pies and cake mix. You would have to be out of your mind even more than I am to make each component yourself. Afterall, it isn't fine pastry. It is over the edge Ew.


So I baked.


And baked...


I destroyed one layer so between baking I went to the store for another pie (first one was cherry and new one was pecan) and another cake mix.


I stacked and frosted.


I finished!


It took all day. Know what? It really was fun. Hard part was getting it 30 miles in the car. I did it though!


I think everyone liked it. If they didn't they didn't say anything because I think they knew that I may take my letter opener and bludgeon them if they didn't eat it and LIKE it.


At the end of this day that was St. Patricks day, I made myself cornbeef, cabbage, and tater tots. What?

Dr. Food comes home tonight. Please do not tell him what I have been up to.

Pecapple Cake Pie (switch pies and cake flavors as you wish)

1 8-inch Apple pie
1 box white cake mix
1 8-inch Pecan pie
1 box butter pecan cake mix
1 8-inch Peach pie
1 box yellow cake mix
eggs and oil according to the cake mix

Cream cheese frosting (from can or favorite recipe)

3 8½-inch-round cake pans (I used springform and made 1 cake/pie at a time)

Mix cake batter according to instructions. For each layer, pour about 1 1⁄3 cup of batter in the cake pan.

Carefully de-tin the baked pie and place it face up on top of the batter in the cake pan. Push down lightly to release any trapped air.

Pour enough batter on top to cover the pie. Bake about 45 minutes to 1 hour (test with toothpick at 45 min.)

Cool and remove from pans then frost it like you mean it


  1. The more I think of it, this should be wrapped in bacon.

    OK maybe not. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. i just cannot stop looking at this cake and laughing.

  3. I liked my name for it better. PAP Smear - it has a certain ring to it. I hear you have ringing in the ears with certain STD's...gotta go someone is at the door and I have to get the phone.

  4. I only wish I could have been there to try this dessert beast. You have put my hidden fantasy online.

  5. All I can think is 'terducken' for some reason.

  6. Hooooooolllllyyyyy guacamole. That is a cake.

  7. That is one crazy cake! I LOVE it! :-)