Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Existential Crisis or just sick of chicken?


I have always been sort of the down beat type of person. Here I stand at the ripe age of 2 or 3 pissed off at the world. Would you believe me if I told you I have turned a new leaf. Actually, I turned that leaf when I started realizing that I am a wastin time. I have given up on being mad. I am done with being around negative negative negative. Ever notice how much people complain? Not that I am complaining about it. Is anyone ever happy? I saw a post on my FB feed of someone that was happy and felt lucky for it. It made me want to kiss my screen. Well maybe not kiss it but you know what I mean.


My other modus operandi was to try and make people laugh. Truth of the matter I was the youngest...need I say more? I am not sure if this prank was intentional or not. I am betting it was. So what does this all have to do with cooking? In a convoluted way it does. Blogging people make me pissed off. Myself included. What is it for? It is kinda bullshit. So, I am done. I don't want a book deal. I don't want free samples (although more on that later). I want to live my life in the moment.

Janis: I want to live in the moment.

Brain: Pfffft.

Janis: What?

Brain: How pretentious can you be?

Janis: I mean it.

Brain: Yeah, lets see how that goes...


Unnamed company sent me some Vegan, Noodle and Rice samples. Actually they sent me a lot of them. I ate a package of them and had a dilemma. They were disgusting. I appreciate that they sent them to me but what does one do when free product taste like crap? You quit blogging because if you can't be honest what is the point?


So we have been eating but not much cooking. Here stands roasted on the green egg turkey. It was great and you HAVE to try the rub recipe. That is stove top stuffing. That is canned peas. Now you see why I am having a crisis?


Dr. Food smoked some short ribs. Something about Cherry Dr. Pepper...yada yada yada.


This coleslaw was awesome. Simple and awesome. A coleslaw margarita!

So, that is about it. I might write again and I might not. I just don't like feeling like I have to do it. No one is putting that on me but me.


I am gonna go make maraschino cherries.

Tequila Slaw with Lime and Cilantro
Cooking Light

1/4 C Canola mayo
3 Tbl lime juice
1 Tbl tequila
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/3 C thinly sliced green onion
1/4 C chopped cilantro
1/2 head cabbage (recipe calls for 14oz packagek of coleslaw but really?)

Throw it all together and toss.

Oleta's Poultry Rub

I got it on line. It was someones ex-mother-in-laws recipe.

2tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion salt
1/4 tsp allspice
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
2 Tbl oil
2 Tbl lime juice

1. Mix dry ingredients together well in a small bowl
2. Slather the turkey down with the oil and the lime juice and massage on the rub.


  1. You and I are the most negative, positive, hateful, loving, generous people I know.

  2. I only work with a couple PR firms so they know that I'm interest in honest reviews, not in getting free stuff. When I get free product and we don't like it, I just tell them that I can't give a good review so I'm just going to throw the stuff away and not write about it. I haven't had a problem with that yet.

    I do hope you'll blog once in a while. I love your dry, sarcastic sense of humor and will miss it if you stop.

    Thanks for the rub recipe. I've tucked it away and will be giving it a try. Tequila slaw without tequila? Interesting.

  3. You, are awesome. You and Jenny. I love you both for it. Fuck it all and just put it out there. Seriously, fuck it all and be you and do what you want. You are awesome, so technically you don't need to fill and quotas or word counts. You are true to yourself and that is ALL that matters. Do what you want, steam veggies in a bag in the microwave. In the long run, time with each other, the people (the few) that we actually give a shit about, matters WAY more than hawking fitness shit and kraft salad dressing. Muah!

  4. Thanks sweetie. Um, I put the tequila in the recipe. I was just messing with you. Yeah, that is it... I was just messing with your heads.

  5. :--) We are perfect.

  6. The only free stuff I got was five spice from you... Was I supposed to blog about that? ;-)

  7. I wish you were my neighbor Janis, and dang when you were, we didn't even know each other! Such is life. I love your 3 yr old pissed off e=self.

  8. I wish we were neighbors too!

  9. No strings. Gave that to ya because I like you :--)

  10. I think this might be the best summary closing line I've ever seen.

  11. Janis, do whatever, right? I do all this food writing/photo/event stuff for a living (and I feel pretty lucky I do in general). Every now and then I have to do a "personal" post about the stuff you're talking about because that's permeated the whole world now. It's the least enjoyable thing I do.

    Do what makes you feel good, right!??!!?

  12. I got a similar sample pack from the very same Unnamed company. I agree that most of the samples were ... less than stellar (my son referred to the rice as shaved bar soap. The lentils and the channa masala were more along the line of "not bad."