Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More lamb and the starter is ready to start!


So I was really bored. What else is new? I decided to make my own berbere to compare it to the berbere that Kim (our neighbor) brought back from Ethiopia (along with my favorite little kids in the whole world). I have 3 Ethiopian cookbooks and I got this recipe out of one of them. The cookbook is called "A Taste of Africa" by Dorinda Hafner. Looks like the cookbook was bought off the 1/2 price shelf and came to this marriage with Mr Food. My berbere came out a lot different than the berbere that came from Ethiopia. Not sure which one I like better. I will have to cook some dish with each of them to determine the "winner".


I also made some sourdough starter. I used the recipe from "The Cheeseboard" in Berkeley, California. I knew it wouldn't be the same as when we were in San Francisco but I wanted to see what would happen. I used half of the starter and converted it (by adding Teff) to injera (Ethiopian flatbread) starter.


Sourdough was a success (although it got too done on the bottom). It was some of the best sourdough I have had since I have come to New England so I have to perfect it. I will keep you posted on the Injera which I am making today.


Last but definitely not least is lamb-o-rama. We decided to make something out of the lamb stew meat that we had. We found a recipe that sounded good out of "The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen" by Paula Wolfert. The recipe was Slow-Baked Lamb with Fennel, Pecorino, and Potatoes. It came out great but I must say that the recipe could have used some proof reading. Not that we couldn't figure it out, but if you are going to do a book it could be accurate (ok, I used to work in the publications department at RAND and I am picky).

Yum....it was good!



Simple ingredients. Parsley came from the garden and besides the basil is the first thing I have been able to use from the garden.


I liked it but I think we will move on to find another recipe for the rest of the stew meat that we have. We are off to Texas for a few days on Thursday but the Lamb Fest will continue when we return.


  1. Nice shots! Yes, there is hope for New England wine. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Yum. Welcome to the blogroll. THe lamb stew sounds wonderful. I've made Berbere from the one of the early Time-Life World of Cooking volumes. The spice is a house favorite. Never tried Injera. You're brave, girl.