Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of New England and food


First off I just wanted to share that I got the injera made. It wasn't perfect but it was pretty good. At least the little ones next door loved it and that was the purpose of making it. I still have to give it another try to perfect the recipe. Kim brought over Shiro (Shiro is a mixture of fried onions, berbere, and Shiro powder. Shiro powder is dried, ground chickpeas) and we made that to eat with the injera (Ethiopian bread).

Then there was Texas...
"Mr Food" and I went to Texas to go to MF's granny's 88th birthday party. I knew that the treadmill would be working overtime when I got back to Massachusetts, and this is why:


Can you say "Chicken gizzards, fried corn balls, fried okra, gravy and biscuits"? Ok, it is a dirty dirty secret that I love friend chicken gizzards. Get over it. I didn't eat the other crap in that box. Come on, give me this one break. How often do you get fried gizzards and livers in California or Massachusetts. It is the best part of Texas because no one knows me there (other than Mr. Food who loves them too) and I get to indulge in this one nasty thing.

Then there was the party. The food was gooooood!

Texas brisket

The perfect smoked brisket (or one of them) and all the sides


We had a great time hanging out with family and did I mention that I am now addicted to "Sweet Tea".


  1. I have to ask...was the glass of sweet tea bigger than your head and refilled constantly? That's the Texas I know.

  2. janice - I love fried chicken gizzards too! my mom used to make them for dinner along with the fried hearts. you have some redneck in you for sure.

  3. I have never attempted to eat gizzards, but maybe I will try it now. LOL