Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anniversary Harvest Dinner to Beat Hunger


I always try to find some place new to take Dr Food for his birthday. This year I found Sel De La Terre was having their one year anniversary Harvest dinner and the proceeds went to "Share Our Strength-No Kid Hungry". The dinner was cooked by 7 Top Boston chefs, and tops they were!

The evening started out with signature cocktails by local mixologists Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli and Kevin Martin. The Hors D'Oeuvres were by Chef Louis DiViccari, Sel de la Terre-Back Bay

First cocktail that we had was called 1771-Citadel gin, cardamom, orange, lime and sparkling wine


This is the second drink and it was called Fall River- Bols genever, ginger syrup and Regan's orange bitters. I love love love that genever!

Hors D'oeuvres were :
Fois gras torchon with concord grape gelee, sweet cracker
Arancini with gouda, sage and apple
Lobster consomme with capellini, lobster and baby bok choy
Roasted poussin with confit almond and dried cranberries

I didn't get pictures but after the second drink and a dark room this is what I saw:


Along the way we met two really nice people that we ended up eating with. Me being me I can't remember names, but take my word for it they had names and they were really nice.

Onto dinner...


I think this was one of my favorites. I am a pushover for good presentation. It also tasted wonderful.

First course
Chef Jamie Bissonnette
Toro, & Coppa

Oyster vichyssoise with lardo, uni and nasturtium flowers
wine: Gran Gesta, Brut Reserve Cava


Second course
Chef Dante deMagistris
Dante & il Casale

Grilled lambs tongue, guanciale, buckweat orzotto, porcini crema, grappa grapes
Wine: Albino Armani, Soave Incontro 2007


Pasta course
Chef Tony Susi

Cavatelli, Braised Pork Shoulder Ragu & Fresh Ricotta
Wine: Domaine des Terres Falmet, Cinsault 2008


backstory on this one is that I ate it before I got a picture. Being the gutsy blogger that I am I told the waiter my problem. I asked if he could go in the kitchen and get a picture of this course. He did better and brought me a plated and warm new serving so that I could take a picture. And because he was THAT nice he even wrapped it up for me to take home to eat the next day (waving at waiter.... "Thanks for everything, you are the BEST")


Fish course
Chef Colin Lynch
Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Halibut en Croute, Ratatouille, Olive and Basil Salad
Wine: Espelt, Emporda, Rosado 2008


Meat course
Chef Will Gilson
Garden at the Cellar

Pork tenderloin "pot au feu" with farmers market vegetables and maple-madiera jus
Wine: Il Cerreto, Colli Toscana Centrale 2006

and last but not least


Chef Jiho Kim

Soft chocolate, Cremeux au vanilla, olive oil and almond cake; squash ice cream

It was a fantastic dinner and we had a great time. There was an auction but we couldn't afford any of the stuff. Damn, could hardly afford the dinner itself.


  1. Lucky Lucky man... I am also a sucker for presentation, and everything looked great ...would have had to consider the lamb's tongue a bit, but still would have tasted.

    Good for you

  2. you are so lucky to attend such a great event that served amazing dishes :)

  3. It was amazing. What a great birthday dinner.

    By the way, if you would have been there and waivered too long on the lambs tongue, I would have graciously eaten it for you. We would not want to offend anyone by sending it back, now would we. Anyway, it was my favorite dish.

    Dr. Food