Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothin to report but that isn't a surprise

So, we are back from Bar Harbor, Maine. I have nothing to tell you about the food. There was NOTHING of note. Lobster? Forget about the lobster. I am sick of lobster. However, I knew that it would be disappointing that there was no food story about my travels (yes, I pretend that my readers are actually waiting for me to report back on my travels or escapades and food) so I bought a piece of food related jewelry.


I know, that it is lame. It is made out of forks...get it? Wait...

I came home and a package had arrived and it was this


What is it? It is Sodium Alginate powder and calcium chloride. What are we going to do with it? Just you wait and see!

So this is the end of the veggie garden for me. Could be that more will grow but I doubt it and I am mad at the garden and I give up trying to be nice to it. It can wait until next year for me to care about it.


Oh, here is a picture of Algae that I took. It was at Acadia State Park. I hear that some of these are edible. Wait...I promise that I will have more food content soon. I promise.


Recipe for a Manhattan (to drown your sorrows when there is no food in the tourist town you are in)
Recipe by Dean Christopher who makes the best Manhattan in the world

For 2 Manhattans:

First chill two Manhattan glasses.

While they're cooling, put 4 or 5 ice cubes into the cocktail shaker. Shake a couple of dashes of bitters into the ice, not enough to produce a dominant flavor -- just a kind of catalyst, a flavor binder. Swirl the ice cubes around to distribute the bitters.

Add 1 1/2 large jiggers (ponies?) of Italian Sweet Vermouth (the red one) to
the ice.

Add 2 1/2 large jiggers (ponies?) of bourbon (NOT blended whiskey, as the original recipe called for) to the mixture.

Swirl everything around and set the cocktail shaker in the freezer for an extra measure of chill. This is a good time to drop a marascino cherry or two into the now-chilled glasses.

Wait maybe 5 minutes, then remove the glasses and the shaker from the freezer and pour the potion into the waiting glasses.


  1. Love the Manhattan recipe!
    Also love the bracelet... Check out my own food related bracelet here:

  2. Ahah that is funny, NE is not for you...I remember Acadia Ntl Park very well. For the food, I don't remember anything, isn't it weird? well at least you have a cool bracelet now. Yeah when there's no food, you can compensate w/ cocktails.

  3. Sick of lobster?? I didn't know that was possible!

    Hey, how do I send email messages at to all my friends? I cannot for the life of me figure it out! :D

    Love the fork bracelet - I have place card holders made out of forks that are cute!

  4. Beth,
    When you link your blog post it gives you options and one of then is to send to friends.

  5. I have a silver butterknife bracelet..I love your forks!
    I used to have sneaky food when Alan would be at out of town chess tournaments with his brother.