Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Grammy is a Food Ninja


Parker here. Just putting in a good word for my Grammy. She is a Ninja cooker for sure. Since I have been born 2 weeks ago, she has been here cooking cooking cooking. Not only that but she still blogs about it all. Don't tell her that no one reads her stuff unless she forces them to AND she was a loser after second round of Foodbuzz Challenge (she hung a chicken up in the kitchen to marinade, how appetizing is THAT?). I also think she is having a hard time cooking away from her own kitchen. She is sorta wimpy that way.


I hang out while she has been cooking. I supervise. Sometimes she has to stop to get something for mom (but most the time dad does that so he is really tired and I just keep him company)


Ok, so there has been

Chicken and bean thingys (Grammy snuck kale into it because it was healthy for my mom)

Pasta Pie

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (my mom made these while grammy held me)

Potato Pancakes

Pot Roast

Grammy didn't take great pictures but I think it may be because she has been really tired. I think that is because she is old. So, since Grammy lost every other contest she has been in I am putting in a plug for her to at least get the Ninja logo on her stupid blog (don't tell her I called it stupid). Ok, I am going back to sleep.



  1. He is SO, SO, SO adorable!! What a writer he is already, and just at 2 weeks. Have to get on that attitude though, it will only get worse when he becomes a teenager!
    Janis, you post made me laugh out loud... excellent as always!
    You go Ninja Gram!!!

  2. wow- your grandma is a SERIOUS ninja- tell her we LOVE her. Every single dish actually looks incredible, so much so that we're licking the screen over here in ninja-land. Also, please tell your awesome grandma that she can have whatever ninja badge she wants, in any color- just send us an email at foodninja@saltyseattle.com. We are so excited about this FABULOUS entry- thank you, Salty Ninja

  3. O.K. Parker, I don't know how I'm going to get through each day after grammy leaves you. She is really workin' it!.

    Janis, is this your first grandchild? Even if he's not the first, it doesn't matter. I can feel your pride and happiness.

    You are definitely keeping me interested with Parker as your guest. Love it.


  4. Ninja Sister! Again, please remind me not to read before dinner...I am so hungry for that pasta pie. I saw it the first time and am craving it now - yum yum :) That kid is cute and your family is so lucky to have you :)
    - Butter

  5. Thanks everyone! It is going to be hard to leave Parker but I miss cooking in my own kitchen and I might just put Parker in my purse and fly home with him.

  6. Ah, grandmas are special. My baby has a few of them. Mostly I cook for her, while she holds the baby.

  7. Ah, grandmas are special. My baby has a few of them. Mostly I cook for her, while she holds the baby.