Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade "They aren't Tater Tots" and a Pot Roast


It was a good day at the Farmers Market in Wayland. They were having local wineries as well as the usual stuff. We tasted the wines and as usual we bought some but now I can't figure out why. Perhaps it was the excitement of getting to taste wine again even though we aren't anywhere near good wine. Ok ok, don't get all uppity with me. I am used to wine tasting in Sonoma and my tastes are just not "refined' enough for the wine here. That is why I bought a bottle of Pumpkin wine.


Really! You will have to come over and taste it. It is very INTERESTING (nice way of saying weird). The Ginger beer in this picture is wonderful. It is 7% alcohol and I think it would make a GREAT Moscow Mule. Dr Food said "but it already has alcohol in it" and *I* said "and?"


I also bought Watermelon radish and celeriac at the farmers market. I served them before dinner with some onion dip. We had Sam the critic for dinner last night so I also had potato chips for him.


I also fried up some tortilla chips. So for dinner I was making a pot roast and homemade tater tots. I saw this recipe in my new cookbook "One Big Table" by Molly O'Neill" and I thought that Sam would like them. What kid doesn't like tater tots? Well, I was off the mark on these because they really were more of an adult taste than a real tater tot. I think I like the over processed ones better. So ...

DO NOT CALL THESE TATER TOTS in front of kids. I am not saying don't make them. I liked them. Just do not break your kids heart by telling them they are tater tots. They have celeriac in them for gods sake. I should have known. Although I made them with my own bacon. Did I tell you I made my OWN bacon? I told you that already? 100 times? Ohgoaway. No not really. You have to finish reading this post. Mom? Are you there?


So here are the "They aren't Tater Tots". Lots of work but good. Frankly *I* rather have just a plain ole potato pancake.




Local beef! Yum. I think Dr Food is scared that I will be hanging a side of beef in the garage next. It is cold enough in there. I wonder...hmmm.


Pot roast smothered with onions. This recipe is the best. All it is:

3-4 lb Pot Roast
2 Tbl Paprika
2 Tbl Flour
2 tsp salt

Mix Paprika, Flour and salt. Dredge pot roast. Brown in 2 Tbl of vegetable oil. Slice 4 onions and put half on the bottom of the dutch oven with the pot roast on top. Cover pot roast with rest of the onions. Simmer for 3 hours. Yum.


Here are the "Not really Tater Tots"


What am I doing for dinner tonight? It is healthy. I am making Korean Tofu Stew. I will give you a sneak peak so that you will be excited for the next post.



  1. You are too funny! I think I would eat anything fried in oil and salted, so your tater tots look amazing (I'll try to forget they have celeriac in them ;))

  2. Your "not tater tots" look amazing. Once my bacon is done curing, I'm trying this out!

  3. So funny and great The roast looks so amazingly tasty!!

  4. Yum! The not really tater tots that are kinda tater tots look delicious. I'd be happy to nibble on them. You should be very proud of your own bacon!

  5. pumpkin wine? I will love to try. I got myself some Watermelon radish last week from the market too! They are so beautiful aren't they?

  6. I am loving the bottle that the pumpkin wine is in! I would've bought it for that alone!

  7. Great post! That pumpkin wine looks so daring!

  8. Those definitely aren't tater tots.

    Choosing the word good or bad to describe the wine in New England is a bit loaded. Clearly it doesn't suit your tastes. Unless it has well-defined flaws it isn't bad, just different.


  9. Oh Jason...They had well defined flaws.

  10. Pumpkin wine?!?!? So interesting! And the faux-tots look so tasty! :D

  11. I love your every post! I most definitely am a True fan of everything you make and tell "story" about. Farmers Market in January is Brave in Mass.! I commend you! Pumpkin wine...not going there. I agree with "Punk" I would've bought for the bottle too, lol. Love Watermlon Radish Fantastic! The "Tater Tot look alikes" Wonderful! The Roast is for sure drool worthy! Thanks so much for another Great Post!

  12. You made your own bacon. ::sigh:: I think you should just repeat that in every single post you do because it makes everyone of us that reads it groan with pleasure and envy. Every time.

    I think I'll pass on that pumpkin stuff. Seriously.

  13. It all looks great! Including the "not really tater tots". :)

  14. My wife has that cookbook (and about 500 others), will look up that recipe.

    Dinner last night was an ox-tail braise, after the ox-tails had been browned in bacon fat. Also home cured bacon.

    I've a bottle of Maui Blanc, pineapple wine.


  15. haha, what a great post I really really like it! Love the not really tots too, so creative!

  16. Hi, Janis--why all the comments about the tater tots, when the most interesting thing is the dead fish in the pan? New Englanders have strange interests--pumpkin wine and tater tots, not normal interests like us Californians--fried minnows, durien, and the like.

  17. reading through and drooling through :D Those anchovies are really good for making soup.

  18. OMG...mouth is watering. Great post (and roast, lolol).

  19. pumpkin wine? I will love to try. I got myself some Watermelon radish last week from the market too! They are so beautiful aren't they?