Friday, January 14, 2011

This is as exciting as it gets


Yes, I am the stoic type. I get sick and I keep a stiff upper lip and suffer silently... or not. Very little cooking has been going on here. Dr Food came down with the stomach flu and I did everything I could to help him when he wasn't barfing. That is until *I* came down with it. "It" is horrible. "It" makes you feel like you were hit by an Escalade and left for dead. The last few days I have been a bit better and just feel like I have been hit by a Toyota. Ok ok...see what I mean? I am rambling. I will move on now with things that have to do with other stuff.

When Doctor food was sick I made him chicken soup. A big pot of it. We have been eating it for a week. When *I* got sick Dr Food took really good care of me and he made me the above Matzoh balls. That is the best it has been around here for a while. Until last night.


What is that you say? Schmaltz? Yes! It is Duck Schmaltz! (for those of you who don't know what "schmaltz" is it is FAT). Like I haven't been tweeting and blabbing about my Duck Breast and Charcuteapalooza's and all that I just will let you know that this fat is from MY duck that I have hanging in the wine fridge.


Remember these? They are still hanging around because they aren't done. Anyhow, I took the fat and added a few drops of Truffle oil that I got from Habtamu my pretend child for Hanukkah. Habtamu came over every night and gave me a gift each night.


I gave Habtamu an ant farm for Xmas. Every little boy needs an ant farm and since he is my pretend little boy what do *I* care if the ants escape and colonize outside of the green glow in the dark goo?


These are the Potatoes that I made with the schmaltz and truffle oil but I took one bite and even that made me sick. Ew.

{{doing tap dance}} Watch this... it is video of the recent snow storm here. I was in bed being sick and moaning pretending that I was in the old days where the men folk were downstairs smoking cigars and my personal maid had wash cloths on my head to ease my fever. She was saying that she was afraid that the roads were closed and the doctor couldn't get to the house so it was up to us to see this fever through....

Ok, what the hell am I talking about. I think that this stomach bug may have me going a little crazy because I can't cook and all I have been looking at is this:


NO it isn't bourbon and soda! It is Ginger Ale. Ok, one more ploy before I leave you and you are shaking your head and unfriending me and disowning me and well disgusted with me.


Here is Parker and he thinks I am perfect (shut up "Anonymous Poster" if you say something I will post YOUR baby picture from when YOU were his age)


  1. omg, Parker is the cutest. what a little man. you know, i actually love snow days. as long as the heat is working.

  2. Being sick is terrible! And it's really going around! So sorry the yummy food even made you sick!

    Feel better!

  3. You are still funny..... I hope you feel better fast and can start enjoying your food again!

  4. Wow, even from the sick bed~still an awesome post :) I am interested in the neighbors treehouse! I love treehouses. Glad you are feeling better, that dang nasty stomach flu is trolling my area too. *saying a prayer for me*, I want my Mom when that shtick hits.

  5. So sorry about the flu, but looks like you are being well taken care of it!!

  6. Get well soon! And what a storm. Weather is going crazy everywhere.

  7. Awwww. I feel so bad for you. We all had the horrible stomach bug around here and I completely sympathize!!! Feel better soon. And don't worry, I'm still following you ;o)

  8. oh my gosh, Parker is SO cute! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. So sorry to hear about the flu going on at your side. It's bad over here too. I'm sure good food and good rest help.

  10. Parker is a doll! Sorry about the flu thing and hope all is better soon.

  11. So sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope your tummy is better soon. Hope you get to play in all that snow! Parker is a doll!