Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Orange Marmalade with Rum, Jaggery and Vanilla


I decided that I wanted to make Blood Orange Marmalade. I had made it in California and I loved it. Annie gave me the Blue Chair Jam Cook Book for Xmas and I thought that I would try out a recipe. I found the Blood Oranges at Trader Joes and I was ready to go. I couldn't find a recipe that I really wanted to make so I took the recipe for Seville Orange with Rum, Vanilla and Piloncillo and changed it up a bit. I didn't have Piloncillo but I had Jaggery and I think they are pretty much the same.


I also had some real vanilla so I used that instead of extract. I also used Blood Orange instead of Seville Orange because I knew there was no way that I would find Seville Oranges here. This marmalade takes three days but it is well worth it. I would use this method again and I would say that anyone that is into making jams and marmalades should own this book.


So, I did the whole canning thing. It was lots of work.


The dog was disgusted that there wasn't anything good dropping on the floor.



The color was amazing. It thrilled me every time I looked into that pot.

Let me stop here and tell you that I never have had a canned good go wrong except once when I tried making grape jam and it turned into fruit leather. I can lots of stuff. I really do.


I made this jam and did the jam test thing and it seemed done and then I canned it and well. It didn't jell. It tasted so good though.


I could have thrown it all back and redid it but that isn't my style. I pout. But I had so many jars of this beautiful liquid that I was determined to come up with an idea. I did.


Yes, she knows I am crazy. I have a cold but I needed to come up with a fix for this "marmalade" conundrum. It was bothering me and in case you didn't notice I am a bit obsessive.


A blood orange Daiquiri


I thought it was going to suck but it didn't. It was good. Even with a cold and it snowing outside. Yes, snowing in March. I am pretending it is summer with a blood orange daiquiri.

1/2 Jar (about 1/2 C) Uncoagulated Blood Orange Marmalade
1 Limes worth of juice
1/4 C Light Rum
2 Cups ice cubes

Blend in badass blender.

Oh can I ask you a question? Ok good...

I got this beautiful assortment of salts for Xmas a while back. I have saved this in my kitchen because it is so pretty. It has every kind of salt in it. Would you just use it? I am the type of person that saves certain things and am afraid to use them up. I realize that when I die I can't take it with me but still....

Would you use it?


Maybe you better come over and help me through the phobia.


  1. I love it! We had the same issue with some strawberry and are already finding all sorts of uses.

    Use the salts. Live them firsthand and you will cherish those memories just as much.


  2. Use them !! Enjoy each and every salt with people you love!

  3. Excellent marmalade repurposing! Definitely use the salts. I'm sure they taste wonderful!

  4. I would totally use the salts. Granted it will take you years to use up an entire wall full, but think of all the cool dishes you can come up with all those kinds. So many food adventures!

  5. I was thinking sangria, but the daiquiri looks good too. And yes, use the salt. My favorite of theirs is the stuff they smoke over chardonnay barrel staves. They're fun to play with, but use them for finishing or you won't taste them.

  6. Ok! Using the finishing salt. You all talked me into it!

  7. I definitely say use the salt! It definitely means many experiments can be done! =)

  8. Ok, you really have to find a better name than "uncoagulated." That sounds absolutely disgusting. The daiquiri though, pure genius. I was imagining it as a topping for vanilla ice cream. It would be just like a dreamsicle, no?

    Regarding the salt; yes, I'd use it. In fact, by now it would be all gone and I'd have sent out hints that I need more.

  9. I love the Daiquiri idea! And yes of course you should use the salts - you are right in that you can't take them with you. Plus, I am sure the gift-giver would love to see blogs about your experiences with them...I sure do!

  10. Beautiful marmalade, tasty-looking daiquiri, and totally use the salts. You're going to love them!!! Carpe saltum!!!

  11. I love the Daiquiri idea! And yes of course you should use the salts - you are right in that you can't take them with you. Plus, I am sure the gift-giver would love to see blogs about your experiences with them...I sure do!

  12. I had the same thing happen to me the first time I made blood orange marmalade. I put it over homemade vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! But thinking back, it really needed the rum....