Monday, December 12, 2011

Maybe I'm not Souper Woman but this is the SouperBowl


When Sharon of Nickel Moon announced that there was going to be a "SouperBowl" and that every month someone would pick a nationality and 3 ingredients and then all participating would make a soup and post it, I thought "I can do that". Seems to be a theme that I am always thinking "I can do that". Well time slipped by and when I got a message from Sharon asking if I could do a roundup of everyone that made soup I froze. What? Isn't the deadline next week? No? Uh oh. So being the kind babe that she is, Sharon extended the deadline and I jumped on it. I was going to make a soup. I didn't want to do anything normal. Oh no. I wanted to try something new. I had a dream... No really I did. I dreamt of the soup that I was going to invent. I would become a famous soup maker. The three ingredients that I had to use were 1. White Beans 2. Eggplant 3. Orange Peel Easy easy I thought.

I started off with the idea of making "Bean Balls" out of the white beans and the orange peel and breadcrumbs and stuff. I then thought I would smoke and roast the eggplants and make a cream soup out of it. All the while planning that I would float the elequant little balls of beans on the top. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz wrong. I spent most the day working on it and when Dr. Food came home I said "Honey, try this soup. It has our homemade bacon in it" (I thought that would make him like it for sure). What happened next was shocking. I mean this is the man that has eaten chicken lips and dog and well other things that are pretty disgusting. He screwed up his nose. "Ew, this is not my favorite" (which he has learned to say instead of "that taste like dog" which apparently wasn't his favorite either)


An innocent leek. A picture of the leek on a wooden table near a window. I had to make something look pretty because hold onto your hats folks. A whole lot of ugly is coming up.


I charred the eggplant on a burner and then roasted it with some tomatoes.


Browned up a little homemade bacon.


Uh, I am so sorry about having to show you this slop. I just kept trying to "fix" it and it just got worse and worse. Here comes the ball part so hang onto your hats (I know you don't really have a hat).


Doesn't look bad does it? White beans and fresh parsley and a little breadcrumbs.


Now for the worse looking food ever. It looks like elephant poo.


They actually tasted really good. They had a heavy overtone of orange. Problem was that when put into the soup (that tasted ew) they melted. Lets move onto people that were more successful than me.

Pasta, White Bean and Tomato Soup with Eggplant Meatballs"

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 8.18.17 AM

Minestroni using Eggplant, Beans, & Orange Zest

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 8.23.03 AM

Cannellini Bean Soup With Beef, Roasted Eggplant and Orange Gremolata

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 8.11.05 AM

Ceci & Squash Soup with Eggplant Caviar

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 8.28.11 AM

Italian Wedding Soup with a Twist

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 8.24.43 PM

Roasted Eggplant & White Bean Soup with Tangerine Gremolata

Now without further ado I am going to pick this weeks 3 ingredients and Ethnicity!

Culture: Moroccan

Special Ingredients: Garbanzo Beans, Ginger, Pasta

Post & share your results on December 21, 2011.

So, follow the rules that Nicklemoon has set up in her first post and use these three ingredients with a Moroccan influence! Have fun.


  1. I ador you, I really do. You make me laugh and that is a special gift you have. I wish I had run and put a hat on so I could have held it while I was reading.

  2. Oh my gosh!  Your photos are too funny!  I laughed out loud when I opened this post! Thank you!  The soup looks fantastic too.  :-)

  3. Ah well, good try anyhow!!!  You cracked me up with the elephant poo.

  4. You are a sweetie. Thank you!

  5. Love the pictures of you, Sis! Hehehe....

  6. "Elephant poo" LOL. Sorry sorry, but I am laughing with you, not at you. ;-) I'm sure it didn't taste all that bad, but no, not every food is pretty. Hmmm... not sure if I am going to have time to do the next one, but the ingredients are interesting.

  7. Oh give it up. You are laughing AT me. I love you anyhow.