Thursday, December 15, 2011

Potatoes rule! or I am a potato addict


I was sitting in my "Big Girl Chair" aka "Lard Ass Chair" tweeting when one thing led to another (which in reality I don't remember what happened) when Justin Marx told me that he was going to send me some heirloom potatoes. All I had to do was pick the kind I wanted. I have to say that I adore Marx Foods. It isn't just because the people there are amazing. It isn't because Justin sent me Potatoes. It is because if you go to their website (which you have to do) you will see that they sell the most awesome ingredients that you can't find elsewhere. These are the awesome people that sent me my Geoduck and changed my life (waving to Justin).


So, I mulled over what I wanted to make with my Bintje Potatoes. Of course I did a little research on these puppies. I read that they make the ultimate french fry. BINGO! I had been toying with the idea of Potato Pancakes since Hanukkah was coming up. I would practice my potato pancake skills. Everyone goes crazy for my potato pancakes so I didn't really need to practice but pretend that I didn't say that.


So, I decided to go with simplicity. I wanted to taste the potato itself. I got out my gadget that makes ribbons out of food (remind me to tell you about my zucchini spaghetti some day) and made some potato ribbons.


These Bintje potatoes made the lightest and best chip I have ever tasted. No really.


Next up were much coveted potato pancakes. I shredded about 2lbs of potatoes on a box grater. As I grate I put into a bowl of cold water to keep the potato from turning brown. I then have Dr. Food put the shredded potatoes in a towel and twist to get all the water out (this is a very important step to the "FPP" (Famous Potato Pancake).


Hot hot oil is another important step.


There ya have it! Oh, what did we have with it for dinner? Well, I was pooped so I just got something out of the freezer to reheat. Just a simple Balantine.


Bintje Potato Pancakes

2lbs Bintje Potatoes, grated
2 Eggs
1 Onion, grated
2 Tbl flour
Vegetable oil

Grate potatoes and put into a bowl of cold water as you go. Grate onion and add to bowl. When done grating drain potatoes and onion and place on a clean tea towel. Twist towel to get out as much water as you possibly can.

Place potato/onion mixture into a bowl and add eggs and flour. Mix well. Form into thin patties.

Heat vegetable oil (about 1 1/2 ) until 350 degrees. Fry patties. Drain on paper towels and season with salt.


  1. Haha I love the title of your post, I think I might be a potato addict too!  Love this recipe, sounds amazing! :)

  2. Hello Janis.  I too am a potato addict.
    I think we might need to start weekly meetings.
    Seriously though I love all of the potato options you have here.

  3. Your title totally caught my eye, because I too, am a potato addict.  Give me anything potato and I will gobble it down in an instant.  Looks like there are a few other potato addicts out there too from your comments below...lets start a weekly meeting?  :-)
    Can't wait to give the potato pancakes a try...look deeeeelish!

  4. I adore potato pancakes.....:)

  5. Fellow potato addict here!  We need a support group.  :)

  6. Oh wow, those potatoes look good! Can't go wrong with potatoes and hot oil hehe

    I went to their site and I think I am in love. I'm currently drooling over their meats, their produce, their pasta... erhmmm, ok, I'm drooling over all of it.

  7. Love your blog, and potatoes, and food, and cooking  and etc.etc.
    Made Pommes Anna in my trusted frying pan with Yukon Gold totally delish.
    Latkes coming up!!!!

  8. Thanks so much.  Latkes rule!

  9. MarxFoods is wonderful.  They are the nicest as well as having great products.

  10. This is amazing. I am also a potato addict. Nice to meet you. Lol. Congrats on top 9!

  11. I don't see a problem here, great addiction and still drooling over the ballantine.