Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Cheesecake Cookie from my past


When I saw that Abby Dodge's #Baketogether was cheesecake I flashed on a recipe and a story from my past. Eon's ago in another life, I had a sister-in-law that was a chef. She could make something out of nothing. She awed me with the way that she grew all her own food. She created things that my kids would come home after a visit and tell me about. Back when Annie was little she came home and begged for Sorrel.

When I was dating her brother (Mr X-husband) she made us cookies that I never forgot. So what did I do? When Annie went to visit her years later I asked her to get the recipe for me. When Annie has a mission she doesn't quit until it is accomplished. That is my girl! The recipe is written in Annie's writing and I treasure it.


This recipe actually is a healthy one. Little sugar considering it is a cheesecake. I used toasted sesame seeds in the crust but you can also use walnuts.


The filling uses honey instead of white sugar. Did I tell you that this is my very favorite honey EVER. I am a honey connoisseur. Shut up I am SO.


So cheesecake pictures are boring when they have no fruit on it. Let me restate that... MY cheesecake pictures are boring. I need a favor from all of you.


This is the picture that I took of the cheesecake cookie. Just my everyday plate and a picture of an ole cheesecake cookie. Then I had second thoughts and had a convo with myself

Janis: The damn white plate is good enough.

Myself: Come on Lard ass, beautify it a little bit.

Janis: Don't call me Lard ass.

Myself: Just put the damn thing on a pretty plate already...


This is after I put it on a pretty plate but still my substandard photography. Which one do you like better? You can say neither. I can take it.


Why am I showing you a picture of brussel sprouts in my Cheesecake cookie post? Well you see I am not good at keeping things until later to post about. Once they happen I have to tell you right away. I am so not OCD!

These Brussel sprouts were really good. All it is is olive oil (2 Tbl) with Fish sauce (1 Tbl). Squish the brussel sprouts around in it and saute until brown and crispy in spots


Oh, and this is the shiken that I made. I took the Peruvian Chicken buttermilk soak and used that. Then I took the Chourmoula recipe from Paula Wolfert's new book "The Food of Morocco" and rubbed it all over the chicken.


Good dinner. I used a regular plate to show you. Maybe I should have used a fancy one...

Cheesecake Cookies (2" squares)

1/3 C butter
1/3 C brown sugar
1 C whole wheat flour
1/2 C chopped walnuts or toasted sesame seeds
1/4 C honey
8 oz cream cheese
1 egg
1 Tbl milk
1 Tbl lemon juice
Grated peel of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp nutmeg

1. Blend together with a pastry cutter to make crumbly texture: whole wheat flour, brown sugar, and butter. Mix in chopped nuts. Reserve 1/2 C of nuts for top.

2. Press remainder into an oiled 8" square pan and bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

3. Soften cream cheese with mixing spoon. Blend in honey. Blend in remaining ingredients and beat well.

4. Spread over crust and sprinkle with reserved crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.


  1. Fancy plate or not - everything looks great!  I just got PW's book too - just been too busy to look at it this week.

  2. Yummmmm. I wish I could steal that chicken and those brussels sprouts. I'm starving! The bars sound insanely awesome. I accidentally bought MORE cream cheese at the store and have been pondering cheesecake of some type. No one else eats it though. (talk about a recipe for disaster!) Reminds me of jam bars but with less sugar. I like the savory aspect of cheesecakes. I cant stand stuff that's too sweet. 

    Your pretty plate is pretty. I often argue with myself in a similar fashion. Although usually it goes: I don't wanna clean another dish. (lazy bitch, use the other plate) I'll just use the dish and put it back.. (good call) 

  3. Wow - love the whole meal. And since I have all the ingredients - even the brussel sprouts (OK, I have no idea what the Paula Wolfert recipe requires), what am I waiting for? 

  4. Your cheesecake cookies look wonderful - I love how they are a memory trigger :D
    Awesome post!

    Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself
    Latest: No Bake Fudgy Fridge Biscuits

  5. I like the one you used the flash on better.  I don't much care about the plate!
    Dr. Food

  6. This looks so healthy for what it is! Very intriguing, I will have to try this one :)

  7. :-) This post made me laugh!  I like the second cheesecake picture better...white plates are usually great, but you're right its not as pretty without the fruit!  These bars look absolutely wonderful...and the brussels sprouts too for that matter.  Great post!

  8. Oh Janis! I soooo want that cheese cake !!! Do you think it would work using my new found ricotta making skills? Otherwise I can just buy some cream cheese

  9. I think I would like the plain photo better but the plate is too large so it overpowers the dessert; the second plate is pretty but it sort of overpowers it in another way!

    However; I would take it either way my dear if you made it. So there.

  10. Those cheesecake cookies look great.  Your post made me laugh.  I think just like you when it comes to photography, haha!  

  11. Janis, this recipe looks almost identical to the one in the Tassajara bread book from the ?'70s. maybe your ex sister-in-law got it there? Mary in cincinnati

  12. I doubt it. Maybe they got it from her :--)

  13. I like the one on the fancy plate wanna hear my artsy fartsy reasons why? You don't! Well tough this is my comment so :P I like it because the bold around the edge of the plate picks up on the crust of the cookie. Go on...roll your eyes ;) The next time I come up you can cook for me and I'll take lots of pictures, I like the sound of that, how about you?

  14. Sigh...*gold around the edge...see what happens when I try to be a smart ass?

  15. Pretty plate, by far.

  16. Nom nom nom!

    Fantastic recipe! Your photos are better than mine to be honest! Good job ;)

  17. Janis you are so damn funny, love your blog! Hope to see you someday again at some random wacky cooking adventure!

  18. I hope we meet again too, Leslie!

  19. Hate are a booger.

  20. I love the look of the cheesecake cookie! I wouldn't have used a plate at all, truth be told. I'd have found a piece of brightly colored paper (yellow or lime green maybe), stacked two cookies crookedly on top of each other and leaned a third against them.

    I very, very much love the chicken and Brussels sprouts pic. Makes me hungry.

  21. Please pass the whole meal .. please???

  22. Check out his post, I think you will like it.

  23. May I adopt that word "shicken" ? I love it! GREG

  24. It was my dads word. shicken and swimp.