Thursday, January 31, 2013

Julie this is for you! Rest of you can ignore this...

I really have nothing to say today but I keep thinking of my friend Julie calling me and telling me that she is disappointed that I haven't posted anything in weeks.

Ok Jules...


Remember this pillow that you made me? I still have it. Ok, ignore the potato chips and soda in this picture. It was taken in my old house in Alameda. Now that I have moved to New England I never eat unhealthy things. I have no idea what the Matzoh is doing there.


Did I ever tell about the time that I went to an art opening of a friend? I was with two other friends and I got drunk and bought this? It says "She made birdhouses in that neighborhood". It was expensive and I didn't really have the money to be buying it but it has given me years of pleasure. I don't know what it means.


Remember this place? It got all fancy now but remember when we used to go there and the night you peed in your shoe?


Remember when we opened a carton of eggs we bought and found this?

No you don't. That was a trick.

2020 Pacific

Remember my old house in Alameda?

julie and janis

Remember when my eyebrows looked like Andy Rooney's? Yes you do.

Love you!