Thursday, February 7, 2013

Superbowl Seafood bread or just call me Jacques P.


Dr. Food and I were discussing what we wanted to snack on for the Superbowl. Let me say that we could care less about the game it is all about commercials and snacking. Unfortunately living on the East Coast had the game stating at 6:00. No one snacks at 6:00. So, I decided to make a Seafood Bread for dinner. I started off by getting the dough ready the night before.


The morning of the game I made the bread.


This recipe is really good and really easy to wow your friends. That is if they like seafood. If they don't you are screwed and you better make something else like Frito Pie or somethin.


Oh, they better like mushrooms too or you might want to make hamburgers.


Heh, it looks like a little fishtail hanging out there.


It is sooooo good.


I have posted the recipe before and you can find it here


So today is my day off. I bought some more radish and carrots at the farmers market. I am going to pickle pickle pickle. The farmer gave me a beet and asked me to pickle it for him and to report back. I will do that too. I also want to try out my fermenting crock so I am also going to make Cortido (Salvadoran Sauerkraut).


My new love is radish.


I am out of these beauties and craving more!


So Nemo the blizzard is hitting tomorrow. Should be a good excuse to sit around in front of the fireplace and do nothin.

Oh one more thing that has nothing to do with anything. You know what? you know what? I miss my babies.



  1. Where did you get those cuts of fish. They look sushi grade and gorgeous.

  2. Wow, that bread looks amazing. The only bummer is that I'd be the only one eating it here. Not that that's a bad thing. :)

  3. The bread looks great as do your pickle wonders. The kids were so cute -- nice to know they had color cameras back then - or did you colorize it? ;-)

  4. We had an awesome pickling workshop at school yesterday with one of the chefs from Bar Tartine. I think we pickled everything in sight. And made saurkraut, escabeche, kimchi.

  5. The seafood bread looks good! That 5th pic looks like a giant stuffed mushroom which would also be yummy.

    I also need to get pickling around here....

    Stay safe and warm during Nemo. (Since when did they start naming snow storms? I was fine with "The Big Nor'easter"....but I digress....)

  6. Hah! I think it is stupid that it gets a name too.

  7. I would give anything to be at school with you.

  8. How fun would that be? You would love the school. I just know it.