Monday, September 21, 2009

You missed me and you know it


I haven't been blogging for a few days because my pals where here visiting. Pals that have been pals for what seems like forever (20-something) years.

So instead of something fancy for dinner I cooked them a pot roast and some potato pancakes. Yeah, I am still into the comfort food thing.

Some say that I make the best potato pancakes every. I say "Bah" it is easy.


Here ya go (secret recipe)

Lots of potatoes (about 10 russets)
1 Onion grated
1 Egg
1 tbl flour
vegetable oil

Grate potatoes and cover with water for about 10 minutes. Squeeze out all the water (and I mean all the water). Add grated onion and the egg and flour. Mix well. Spoon out a glop of potato into pan and fry. Drain on paper towel


Ok, now you see why I don't write a cookbook? I swear I am a swell cook. Don't serve these to my friends if they come to your house because they think MINE are the best and I wouldn't want yours to be better than mine and wreck it for me.


Pot Roast (not my recipe by it is really the best one I have had from the first cookbook I ever got)
American Kitchen Culinary Arts Institute

Savory Pot Roast
3 to 4 lb Beef pot roast
3 tbl vegetable oil
2 tbl flour
2 tbl paprika
2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
4 yellow onions sliced thin

Combine flour, paprika, salt and pepper in plastic bag. Add pot roast and shake to cover. Heat oil in dutch oven. Brown meat on all sides. Remove meat and add 1/2 onions. Return meat and add rest of onions. Simmer for 3 hours or until tender.


Oh yeah, I also made Kale


Clean Kale and saute it with garlic in olive oil.

My friends are a bit strange. That is why I love them. They wanted to go see the Lizzy Borden house in Fall River. We waited for them to come visit so that we could go see it with them.


Ok, this really does have to do with food because I knew you were all leaving me for other blogs so I took a picture of the KITCHEN in the Lizzy Borden house for you. LOOK!!!


Yeah, it was a recreation of what WAS there because um...she burned her dress in the real one and it broke or something made up like that.


We then went to Al Mac's diner. The diner was built in 1953 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.



What did I have?


It was Dr Food's birthday and Kim our sweet neighbor made an apple pie for him. She and Denis and the kids picked apples at the Farm just to make this pie. Yum!


While we were in Boston doing the damn Freedom trail (for the 100000 time because we love our friends and we could use the walk after eating too much all weekend) we ate lunch in the North End and we bought cookies and stuff at



and I LOVE marzipan and they have the best


So, this post is really disjointed and my brain feels like it is falling out of my head from too much sugar and sights but ya know I find less buzz going on when I leave for a few days. You all need to stick with me. Then again, I never believe that anyone is really reading this anyhow.


  1. OK, I am officially requesting some Marzipan something the next time you go to that place. Their marzipan is THE BEST

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  3. OK, I am officially requesting some Marzipan something the next time you go to that place. Their marzipan is THE BEST