Saturday, November 14, 2009

The dog kept me honest


My last dinner before Dr. Food came home was healthy and simple. The dog kept me on the straight and narrow by shooting me dirty looks.


So, I chopped up some scallion, lemongrass, bell pepper, and mushrooms. I browned up some ground pork and added the vegetables. When done, I ate them in lettuce. Yum, how ordinary.


Next morning I was up to old tricks. I had to have one more egg.


Put it on an english muffin that I had melted cheese on and I was good to go.


What did I make for Dr. Food's coming home dinner? Some chicken and potatoes. I figured simple was best. Then again, I couldn't stand the dog judging me anymore.



  1. Finally he is back! It is hard to cook for one person. :)

  2. Your dog is so funny and quite impressive. I would feel the same way if he gave me that stare. At least ou treated yourself while your husband was away, that's the way to go!

  3. your dog just wants you to drop something, don't let him deceive you

  4. You have to be so thankful to your dog for keeping you on your health check :). He's just so adorable. I love him. I need one like him for everyone in my family...LOL

  5. I love your dog he's so comical! He just hangs out so he can keep an eye on whatever falls on the floor