Saturday, November 21, 2009

There are a few things I love about New England


It isn't often that I fess up about something that I like about New England. But here it is. We were wandering around showing Evan some stuff and decided to stop at the farm that I found a few months ago. I love this place. They sell their own beef and pork and their own bake goods. They also have beautiful produce and local cheeses. Oh the milk!!! Fresh milk. I couldn't resist and I bought some bacon from there and also some eggnog. We all agreed that it was the best egg nog that we ever tasted.


I loved the bottle. Nevermind it was 7.00 egg nog it was worth it!

If you are ever in Littleton (ok, for most of you that won't happen) you HAVE to go here!


oh yeah.... the bacon was killer.


  1. I love finding local farms like that. Congrats on a great score!

  2. Yes nothing like fresh milk and fresh products!

  3. Nice one on the great find! I will pay for produce as fresh as that as well.