Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tday and counting


Started cooking last night for Tday and had to have dinner. Just couldn't stand having any more poultry than what was already coming at me. So, we had sea bass and man was it good. Pan seared it and had some wild rice. Yum.


Wasn't going to drag out the china for 4 of us but then decided "Hey, it is Thanksgiving and you need to get into the spirit and be Thankful and quit moping because your family isn't around". So I took out the China and set the table.


Now what made me buy a 24.5 lb turkey for 4 people (one of which is a vegan and won't be eating it)? I guess it is because I always buy a big bird because I always have tons of people on Thanksgiving. Leftovers are good and it is a local bird and fresh fresh fresh.


So what I do to make this bird (learned it from my ex mother in law) is that I soak cheesecloth in butter (shut up, Thanksgiving is all about butter) and drape it on the bird and baste baste baste.

Stay tuned and you will see perfection...