Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guilty eating: Day 2


So day 2 turned out to be not as fun as day 1. First day that Dr. Food goes away isn't so bad and it is fun to be cooking anything I want and not worrying about what he will find tasty. Day 2 gets to be self indulgent and not quite as fun. So, I was not quite as inspired to be cooking. I did find the time to try out the tasty Millionaire Shortbread that I found on FoodBuzz. London Foodie in New York had posted these. At first they looked good but I wasn't quite sure they would be for me. When they were done I was really surprised at how much I loved them. I know that my neighbors loved them too because I saw them eat them and smile right in front of me.


This brings me to dinner. Um, ok, let me just say that my mom used to make this for us when I was a kid. You might find it a bit disgusting but I love it. It is a stuffed potato mixed with tuna.

(if I haven't already lost you on this one)

Bake a potato. Scoop out the inside. Mix butter into the potato that you just scooped out. Mix with tuna and whatever else you want. Dump a bunch of cheese on top and return to oven for about 10 minutes. Yum or Argh depending on how you look at it.

So that bring us to the end of day 2. Oh yeah there was the phone call from India where I talk so fast to get everything out to tell him because I have been talking to myself all day. There are no periods to my sentences in these calls.


  1. Tuna potato looks good! Cheese and tuna are good together... just look at the tuna melt!

  2. That would be real indulgence for me....such a rich shortbread & cheese and tuna potatoes. Looks very delicious

  3. should not have looked at that while on the cleanse. MY mom made that potato for me and its my favorite. and the shortbread...YUM

  4. Your mom made them for you because she loves you!

  5. I love the short bread (looks way too good) and the tuna potato idea actually doesn't sound bad. I may even give it a try, though I have a hard time prying my tuna outta the can for something other than tuna sandwiches and casseroles :)

  6. Your mom made them for you because she loves you!

  7. Loved the shortbread recipe too! It worked out well and was delish. Thanks for including it in this post!